Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits right into this empty place in your heart.


my mom just found a 1967 black chevy impala online for $4500

mom i swear to god please buy this god damn car

use my college money idgaf just buy it pLEASE


Private beta announced for online in-browser 3D modelling tool to create, collaborate and share 3D work online:

After nearly two years of development, Exocortex is pleased to publicly announce, our next-generation 3D content creation tool that runs within the web browser using commodity technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 and of course WebGL.) is built to resemble traditional desktop 3D content creation tools on the surface, thus is immediately familiar to most 3D artists. But because is built for the web, it is always accessible, there is no configuration, it is cross platform, all of your creation history is stored automatically, you can collaborate in real-time, and you have access to unlimited cloud computing on-demand.

Under development for nearly two years by the experienced development team at Exocortex, is unlike anything you have seen before. We have, with, reimagined how 3D content creation can be done for the web era. We have removed the headaches that all of us in the profession know too well, headaches that were understandable back in 1995, but not nearly 20 years later. We have done away with license servers, configuration and deployments, upgrades, limited rendering and storage resources, the need to save often, and the pain associated with remote collaborations. is also not a single purpose application, it isn’t just a single renderer or a layout tool, it is a modern integrated 3D content creation tool built around an extensible scripting and plugin model. By adopting, you are not giving up the power and freedom that you were used to on the desktop, rather you are just gaining additional functionality and convenience.

Sounds impressive, and a potential game changer.

Find out more and signup here

I don’t truly love the cloud :|



Winner of DiHALT 2013 ZX Spectrum demo category has some great lo-fi computer visual effects … as well as the first case (to my memory) of contemporary gif art making it’s way into a demo production (top gif is obviously based on a piece by Francoise Gamma). Video embedded below:

Link to find a download for your emulator can be found here

List of winnders of the DiHALT 2013 competition can be found here

Vroom vroom!

Oscura La Noche & Yo Salgo Sin Miedo

A La Calle Por Si Cae Algo

Las Gatitas Ready En El Sistema Los Largo

Pal Que Se Ponga Bruto Le Mandamo’ Un Fuletazo

prosthetic knowledge: People retweet more fake images during a disaster →



Plenty of fake images are shared during a disaster. And because the Photoshoped or misrepresented images are designed to be graphic and startling, these fake images may be more likely to go viral. A recent study compared over 600,000 tweets related to Hurricane…

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Here’s your daily reminder of just how awesome science is:

Meet Buttercup the duck. Buttercup was born in a high school biology lab with a backward left foot. This meant that walking was all but impossible for him, so the school gave Buttercup to the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary. Sanctuary staff decided the best option for Buttercup was to amputate his backward foot. Even though it would create an awkward limp, he would then at least be able to walk. But wait, that wasn’t the end of Buttercup’s story:

"Several months later engineers at Novacopy stepped in to help the sanctuary develop a permanent fix. Advances in rapid prototyping technology allowed for a mold of the bird’s left foot to be printed in about 13 hours, after which a silicone prosthesis was formed and perfectly fitted to Buttercup’s leg.”

This past weekend Buttercup was fitter with his pretty new prosthetic foot, which has distinctly improved his mobility. Instead of walking with a limp, Buttercup now walks (and runs!) normally and he seems pretty pleased about it.

Visit Colossal to watch a heartwarming video of Buttercup being cheered on while taking his first steps on his new foot. There’s plenty of happy quacking involved.

Follow Buttercup’s continued progress over on Facebook.

[via Colossal]

Duckyyyy :”)

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“Club Penguin is a child-friendly website”


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